The Salvation Army Kum 2016 India Eastern Territory Thupui : “ I duhzawng tih mi zirtir ang che; ka Pathian i ni si a” - Sam 143:10 =============================================="One Army, One Mission, One Message" =============================== Advertisement support website a ni a, advertisement hi chu a awm lo thei lo a, hriatthiamna kan ngen e. Tin, Advertisement (phek chung ami leh phek dinglam ami) te hian Bazar Corps nen inkaihhnawihna an nei lo a, webhost tu, te dah a ni e. Mawh kan phur lo.
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All rights may be reserved by S.A.Y. Bazar Corps, Aizawl, Mizoram. Copyright © 2016. ================== "One Army, One Mission, One Message" ================== MISSION STATEMENT ---------------------------- Chhandamna Sipai Pawl chu, khawvel pum huap pawl, Kristian kohhran te zinga pakhat Chinchin Tha hril lam thawktu a ni a. A thuchah chu Bible-ah a innghat a, A rawngbawlna chu Pathian hmangaihnain a tinung a, A thil tum leh a hnathawh ber chu chu Isua Krista chanchin Tha puandarh leh inthliarhranna awm lova mite mamawh phuhruk hi a ni. ================== MISSION STATEMENT The Salvation Army, an international movement, is an evangelical part of the universal Christian Church. Its message is based on the Bible. Its ministry is motivated by the love of God. Its mission is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet human needs in his name without discrimination. ==================

SAY Sub-Committees

Kum 2013-a S.A.Y. Sub-committee te


Chairman : Nelson Lalthanpuia, Asst. Leader
Secretary : Malsawmdawngzuala, Music i/c

Members :
1) Lallawmzuala, Litt. i/c
2) Vanlalchampuii
3) Oliver Zothanpuia
4) Lalthlamuana Sailo
5) Phillip VL Rinpuia, Asst. Music i/c
6)Freddy Lalramnghaka, Asst. Evangalism i/c


Chairman : Robert VL Thlamuana,  Leader
Secretary : Dr.K.Lalhruaitluanga, Secretary.
Members :
1)Ellen Lalengzuali, Asst. Secy.
2) Judy Lalfakzuali, Drama i/c
3) H.Lalhriatpuii, Social & Com. i/c
4) Zulvelin VL Rosangi, Treasurer
5) Emmanuel Lalhmunsanga, Fin.Secy
6) Reuben Lalremruata, Asst. Litt. i/c.


Chairman : Emmanuel Lalhmunsanga, Fin.Secy
Secretary : Reuben Lalremruata, Asst.Litt. i/c
Members :
1) John LT Sanga
2) Victor MS Dawngliana
3) Romel Rose Reia

Chairman : C.Lalthlamuana
Secretary : Zulvelin VL Rosangi, Treasurer
Members :
1)Peter Lalthasiama
2) Andrew Dokima
3) Lalthakima
4) Lianhmingthanga, Asst. Social & Com. i/c
5) Lalrammawii (Mami)
6) Victor MS Dawngliana
7) Vanlalchampuii
8) K.Lalrosanga
9) Ricky Lalrintluanga
10) Lalhmingliana Renthlei

Chairman : Ellen Lalengzuali, Asst.Secy
Secretary : Judy Lalfakzuali, Drama i/c
Members :
1) Amanda Lalhlupuii
2) Lalruatdiki
3) Nelson Lalthanpuia Sailo
4) Lalsangbera

1)Robert VL Thlamuana,  Leader
2) Dr.K.Lalhruaitluanga, Secretary.
3) H.Lalhriatpuii, Social & Com. i/c
4) Lianhmingthanga, Asst. Social & Com. i/c
5) R.Lalremtluangi, Evangelism i/c
6) Peter Lalthasiama, Games & Sport i/c
7) C.Lalthlamuana
8) K.Zohmingthanga, Songster Leader
9) C.Lalbiakmawia, Col.Srgt
10) K.Thangkhuma, WS
11) G.Laldinthari, CG
12) V.Lalnunthara, CG
13) Abel Lalbiakhlua
14) Lalthakima
15) K.Lalrinfela
16) Zulvelin VL Rosangi, Treasurer

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