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All rights may be reserved by S.A.Y. Bazar Corps, Aizawl, Mizoram. Copyright © 2016. ================== "One Army, One Mission, One Message" ================== MISSION STATEMENT ---------------------------- Chhandamna Sipai Pawl chu, khawvel pum huap pawl, Kristian kohhran te zinga pakhat Chinchin Tha hril lam thawktu a ni a. A thuchah chu Bible-ah a innghat a, A rawngbawlna chu Pathian hmangaihnain a tinung a, A thil tum leh a hnathawh ber chu chu Isua Krista chanchin Tha puandarh leh inthliarhranna awm lova mite mamawh phuhruk hi a ni. ================== MISSION STATEMENT The Salvation Army, an international movement, is an evangelical part of the universal Christian Church. Its message is based on the Bible. Its ministry is motivated by the love of God. Its mission is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet human needs in his name without discrimination. ==================


Bazar Corps News leh Chhandamna Sipai Pawl News hrang hrang te ziahna a ni. Heng news-ah te hian comment pawh pek theih a ni e
editor on 07/26/2012 at 4:59am (UTC)
(updated on 16 June 2012)

1. Damlo leh mi harsa, tanpui ngaite tanpuinan SAY inkhawm ah thlatin bawm vawi khat dawh a ni, bawma tla te hmang hian Saiha kangmei turte tanpuina leh naupang vanduai Sarah d/o Liantluanga, Chanmari West te tanpui an ni a, SAY Sunday zing karah Civil Hospital ah damlo mi harsa te tanpuina pek an ni.

2. Hlimna in girls home, Saitual ah tanpuina pek a ni.

3. SAY Council member ten February 21-27 chhung khan chaw nghei tawngtai a inchhawka neih a 11 June Thawhtanni atang khan Council member ten SAY rawngbawlna peng hrang hrang atan chawngheia a inchhawka tawngtaina neih tan a ni leh bawk.

4. SALVATIONIST Kartin chhuak chanchinbu chu sponsor-na hmanga tihchhuah a ni.

5. April ni 29 zanah Pathian fak leh chawimawina hun Territorial Songsters, Central North Division Songsters, Territorial Staff Band, TBZ Zaipawl, Leprosy Mission Zaipawl te nenhlim takin kan hmang.

6. May ni 19 ah Durtlang khelmual ah Ramhlun Corps SAY te nen Sports hlim takin kan hmang a, ni 21 May SAY inkhawmah RM Hall ah Fellowship hlim takin kan nei bawk a, he Sports ah hian Bazar Corps SAY ten Pakhatna kan la.

7. SAY member Candidate (SA Officer training tura pawm)
1. Lalmalsawmi
2. F.Vanlalringa
3. Vanlaldiki Sailo
4. JosephLalremmawia
5. Lalhruaitluanga Tlau

8. SAY member Rawngbawla hmun danga awm - Lalthlamuana Sailo leh Lalthianghlimi, YWAM, Siliguri

Kum 2012 Budget - Rs. 2,41,900.00
Kum 2011 ami luhpui zat - Rs. 39,863.00
January - May 2012 chhunga sum lut zat - Rs. 3,58,036.00
January- May 2012 chhunga hmanral - Rs. 3,41,399.00
Sum lakluhna - Inhlawhna, blanket suk, CD zawrhna, donations, faith promise, missionary pual,sawma pakhat, SAY dawr luah man, Mi harsa tanpuina bawm hun
Hmanralna tlangpui -
Missionary chawmna, Chanchinbu chhutna, Sound system leina, damlo leh mi harsa tanpuina

10.Kumina SAY member zawng zawng zat 182 (Mipa-102, Hmeichhia-80)

11.Ropuinaa kaisang - Mi 2 (Lalhruaitluangi & Michael Lalrinsanga)

SAY Bazar Corps hruaitute
Leader - Robert VL Thlamuana
Asst. Leader - Lallawmzuala
Secretary - Dr. K. Lalhruaitluanga
Asst. Secy. - Nelson Lalthanpuia
Finance Secy. - Candidate Vanlaldiki Sailo
Treasurer - Ellen Lalengzuali
Evangelism i/c - R. Lalremtluangi
Literature i/c -
Emmanuel Lalhmunsanga
Social & Community i/c -
Peter Lalthasiama
Drama i/c - Judy Lalfakzuali
Games & Sports i/c - Lalsangbera
Music i/c - Malsawmdawngzuala
Council members -
Oliver Zothanpuia, K. Lalrindika
C. Lalthlamuana, Joseph Lalremmawia
H. Lalhriatpuii
Maj. Lalthansanga Brigade Leader - Freddy Lalramnghaka
Maj. PC Thansanga Brigade Leader - Lalruatfela
Maj. Sangzuala Brigade Leader - Lalhruaitluanga Tlau
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admin on 06/01/2012 at 5:50am (UTC)
 Territorial Evangelism Ministry chuan Council pawimawh neiin, 12th May 2012 (Inrinni) khan Territorial Evangelism Ministry (T.E.M) hnuaia Evangelist Team Speaker atana diltute chungchang a ngaihtuah a, anmahni biangbiakna (Interview) a nei bawk a, hetah hian diltu mi 21 zingah mi 10 te chu Speaker atana thlan chhuah an ni, chungte chu :
1. Pu C.Lalvula CT - Behliangchhip Corps
2. Pu Challianthanga - Temple Corps
3. Pu C.Lalnunmawia - Tuikual Corps
4. Pu F.Lalsangkima CCG - Lawngtlai
5. Pu J.Lalthangliana - Tachhip Corps
6. Pu Lalzawngliana - Tachhip Corps
7. Pu Lalnghakliana RS - Khatla Corps
8. Pu Lalthanzama Hrahsel - Tachhip Corps
9. Lalramengi Rokhum - Rangvamual Society
10. T.Lalnunsanga - Dinthar Corps

Heng Speaker thar turte pual hian Territorial Evangelism Ministry (T.E.M) Council chuan 1st - 2nd June, 2012 khian Booth Mansion Conference Hall-ah Orientation Course a buatsaih dawn a ni. Tin, 3rd June 2012 (Sunday) Thianghlina Inkhawm ah R.M Hall, Bazar Corps-ah Speaker tharte Pathian hnena hlanna leh Appointment pekna neih a ni ang.
Comment posted by sawmtea( ), 06/05/2012 at 4:45am (UTC):
hei inti thahle mai champhai vengthar atang kalo chhiarve thin ania

admin on 06/01/2012 at 5:47am (UTC)
 Bazar corps in nute ni hman dan tur SAY leh YP in an ruahman hi tlai tawh mahse, ka han chhuah ta tho a ni e

Ni 30.04.2012 (Thawhtanni) zan dar 8:30PM khan YP Hall ah YP Company Guard te leh SAY OB te chuan Nute Ni lo awm tur atana inbuatsaih dan tur rel in Join-Council an nei a, Nute Ni hman dan tur chu hetiang hian duan a ni:

1. Nute Ni hian Thianghlimna Inkhawmah leh Chhamdamna Inkhawmah Nute Ni pual hian inkhawmna neih a ni ang.

2. Banner - Nute Ni pualin banner pahnih mawi tak siam ni se, hei hi Zarkawt kawnah leh Hospital Road, Jail Veng pengthuam laiah tar ni se, a lo buaipui turin Tv.Nelson Lalthanpuia Sailo leh Tv.Emmanuel Lalhmunsanga te ruat an ni.

3. Nute Ni pual hian C.R, Beginner, Primary leh Junior ten an nute lem drawing/painting tih theuh nise, Intermediate leh Inter Senior ten Poem/Poetry phuah theuh ni se, heng an tih te hi ni 11.05.2012 (Zirtawpni) zanah kenkhawma, Company Guard ten an lo enpui ang.

Kawngzawhnaa ken turin placard mahni duh anga lian/te in naupang leh thalai ten siam nise, hei hi Thianghlimna Inkhawm zawha thingpui in zawhah kawngzawhnaa ken tur a ni a, nute chawimawina thu ziah theuh ni se.

4. Mahni nute pek tur pangpar ken theuh ni se, petu neilo/dawnglo/an fate awm lo petu tur YP Corps ten an ngaihtuah ang.

5. Thianghlimna Inkhawm banah thingpui leh a hmeh ei/in tur a awm ang a, hei hi Festival Committee ten an lo bultum anga, ei leh in senso tum turin Home-League te ngen ni se, an remchang lo a nih chuan YP Corps in a senso a tum ang.

6. Ni 12.05.2012 (Inrinni) zanah SAY leh YP Company Guard te Banner tar leh thil tul dang te ti tur a hnatlan nise tih a ni.

7. Nute Ni a pangpar khawi turin Nl. Ellen Lalengzuali, Treasurer, SAY ruat a ni a. Pangpar man hi YP leh SAY ten an intum sem ang. Rs. 1,000/- ve ve in a ni ang. Nute Ni hian a duh apiangin Pangpar mahni nute pualin Biak In ah a khawi theih dawn a, nute damlai pual leh nute ropuina a kaisang tawh te hriatrengnan pangpar a khawi theih ang.

8. Nute bel tur ribbon lo buaipui turin Nl. Mary V.L Ruatmawii, Nl. Lalruatdiki leh Nl. Jenny Lalhruatluangi te ruat an ni.

Hruaitu : Pi Rozami Reia, YPSM
Thusawitu : Maj. R.Lalrinfeli
Items : 1) Hla Inchhang - Nu leh Naupangte
2) YP Corps Zaipawl
3) Pangpar inhlan
4) Bazar Corps Band

(Thingpui Inkhawm ban veleh in tur a ni anga, Thingpui in zawh ah Kawngzawh a ni ang)

Hruaitu : Pi Tlangthangpuii, YPT
Thusawitu : Maj. Vanlalnungi, DDWM
Items : 1) Solo - Tv. Lallawmzuala
C.C Angela Ramdinsangi
2) Recitation - Jennifer Lalhmingsangi
3) Trio - C.C K.Lalrinnungi
C.C Flora Lalrinfeli
4) Bazar Corps Band
5) YP Corps Zaipawl

admin on 06/01/2012 at 5:30am (UTC)
 Territorial Evangelical Ministry din a ni ta. Speaker tur la dawn. India Eastern Territory, Territorial Headquarters chuan Territory pum huapa Chanchintha hrilh leh Harhtharna atana hma la turin Territorial Evangelical Ministry (TEM) a din ta a. TEM Speaker tur hi lak a ni dawn a, mi thar bakah tuna rim taka Speaker atana hman mek te pawh THQ appointed an nih loh avangin he dilna hi an tih ve vek a ngai a ni. Corps hrang hrang atanga Speaker ni tura dil duh tan THQ-in form a siamsa fill-up a, Corps-ah thehluh tur a ni a. Senior Pastoral Care Council-in an recommended hnuah DHQ-ah thehluh tur a ni. DHQ atangin Pathian rawn chunga uluk taka ngaihtuah a nih hnuah thlan chhuah te chu recommend-na nen THQ ah thehluh leh a ni ang. TEM Council in dilna lut te chu an enfiah leh vek anga, an pawm a nih chuan Territorial Commander-in TEM Speaker ni turin kum 2 chhung atan appointment a pe ang.
Speaker dil tur chuan a hnuaia tarlan hi hriat tur a ni:
1) Sipai Puitling.
2) A awmna Corps Senior Pastoral Care Council-in Speaker ni tlaka an pawm.
3) Zuk leh hmuam leh ruih theih thil laka fihlim (Hei hi sawi nawn ngailo angin lang mahse tarlan kher hi a tul thin)
4) A awmna Divisional Commander-in a pawmpuite
5) Speaker Bio Data kimchang vawn ve turin a from siamsa ang hian a awmna Division-a D.C in THQ-ah a thehlut ang.
6) Speaker atana pawm te hi T.C in appointment a pe ang.
Dilna hi April ni 20, 2012 ral hma ngeia THQ-a thleng hman tur a nih avangin dil duh chuan a ranglama hmalak tur a ni.
Zawhfiah duh nei chuan THQ/DHQ-ah zawhfiah theih reng a ni.

Lalnghahchhana, YP Company Guard on 04/12/2012 at 4:33am (UTC)
  Bazar CO Bial YP Rally, 2012 chu March ni 17 leh 18, 2012 (Inrinni leh Pathianni) khan Hunthar Corps-ah neih a ni a. Pathian hruaina leh awmpuinain Rally hun tha leh hlimawm tak hman a ni.
March ni 17, Inrinni chawhma leh chawhnuah intihsiak a ni a. Chawhmaah Thu intihsiak a ni a, chawhnuah hla hmanga intihsiak a ni. Inelna te chu
Thu lam:
Primary Deptt - Thufingte 28:1 - 8,
Junior Deptt - I Kor 13:1-13,
Inter. & Senior - Directory Part-1, Then 11

Deptt combine
Hla lam:
Primary Deptt - Naupangte te chhandamna thu hriltu (Soprano-in)
Junior chin chunglam - Zaipawl -Hmangaihtu Chatuan Thlarau (Part kimin) leh Lengkhawm zaiin - In damtlang a lawm maw

Bazar Corps YP zaipawl te pawh theihtawp chhuahin an zai a, 3-na an ni a. Tin, Primary zaipawl te hi 2-na an ni bawk. Intihsiakna hi Inrinniah zawh vek a ni.

March ni 18, Pathianni chawhma leh chawhnu hi Pathian biak inkhawm a ni a. C.O. bial chhunga Corps leh Society te kokim taka telin Special items neih theuh a ni a, Pathian fakna hun hlimawm tak hman a ni. Chawhmaah hian Maj. F. Remthanga DYS in thuchah a sawi a. Chawhnuah hian Maj. Lalhruaikima CO-in thu a sawi a. IET Staff band ten item an rawn nei bawk.

Kan Corps aiawhin Jennifer Lalhmingsangi, Primary-in recitation a sawi a, Bazar YP Timbrel te’n item hmuhnawm takin an entir a. Rally-a tel ten an lawm hle. Angela Ramdinsangi(Inter) solo pawhin kalkhawmte thinlung a hneh hle bawk.
Bazar Corps atangin Rally-ah hian naupang 65 leh Company Guard 16, kan vaiin 81 kan kal a ni. Bazar C.O. Bial-ah hian YP naupang 507 kan awm a ni.

Item tinah hian 1-na chauh lawmman pek a ni a:
Primary(Thu leh hla belhkhawm)
- 1-na Chanmari West Corps
Junior (I Kor 13:1-13):
- 1-na Chanmari West Corps
Thu - 1-na Chanmari West Corps
Zaipawl - 1-na Chanmari West Corps
Lengkhawm zai- 1-na Hunthar Corps

A pumpui belhkhawmin result siam a ni a, Lawmman hi Corps leh Society ten inang vek– Bookcase(2 doors) tha tak kan dawng theuh a ni.
1-na - Chanmari West Corps
2-na - Hunthar Corps
3-na - Chanmari Corps
4-na - Bazar Corps
5-na - Sairang Corps
Uncontest - Phunchawng Corps & Rangvamual Society.
Rally endik tur hian IET Staff band te sawm an ni a. Tin, lengkhawm zai endik turin Corps 3 atanga ruatte an rawn tel bawk. Intihsiakna endik nan Ranking System hman a ni.

Rally thlengtu Hunthar Corps te an inbuatsaih nasa hle a. Refreshment, Zai hruaitu leh musician te fel taka ruatin Pathian fak hona hun tha tak hman a ni. Rally Hla bu tha tak siamin Program sheet an sem vek bawk.

Rally chhung hian thawhlawm vawi 2 lakkhawm a ni a. Rs. 5,242/- hmuh a ni a. Hei hi a thlengtu Corps tanpui nan pek a ni. Rally fund hman bang Rs. 7,170/- chu Luanchhuah nan hmangin Saiha Boys Home tanpui a ni.

Rally tluang taka neih theih nana min vengtu Pathian hnenah lawmthu kan sawi a. January ni 5, thlasik khawvawh vanglai tak atanga tanin inbuatsaihna ngawrh taka kalpui a ni a. Vawi 24 zet Other YP meeting neiin changzir a ni a. Tin, Timbrel ten hun leh tha tam tak sengin an practice thin a, item tha takin an entir thei a ni. Heng hun chhunga Y.P. naupang te leh Company Guard te inpekna a lawmawm em em a ni. Hla min zirpuitu SAY te chungah lawmthu kan sawi bawk a ni.


S.A.Y Council Vawi-2 na Minute
admin on 03/30/2012 at 4:09am (UTC)
 A hmun : SAY Office
A hun : Dt. 8.2.2012, 8:00PM

Pu Robert VL Thlamuana, Leader/Chairman in tawngtaia hun a hman zawhah agenda te sawiho a ni

2.1 - Agenda I:
Chhiatni thatni inkaihhruaina:
Hetiang hian Bazar Corps SAY bikah Chhiatni thatni inkaihhruaina chu pawm a ni.
2.1.1 - THATNI:
1) SAY member zingah hun puma Salvation Army Officer tura inpe an awm chuan Rs.2500/- pek ni se
2) Missionary a chhuak an awm chuan Rs.1000/- pek ni se.
3) Short term-Missionary short term/ DTS an awm a nih chuan Rs.500/- pek ni se kan ti.
4) Inneih- Pathian dan thianghlima nupui/pasal nei te chu Rs.500/- lawmpui nan emaw, a hu tawk bungrua leh certificate Rs.250/- pek ni se, SAY Bazar Corps ami ve ve an nih chuan Rs. 1000/- emaw Bungrua leh certificate Rs.250/- pakhat pek ni se.
Kan kaldan pangngai, kan inkaihhruaina angina Inneihna ah zaipawl neih loh ni se kan ti.
5) Infiamna lama hlawhtling- National leh International level-a lawman dawngte chu hetiang hian lawmpuina pek ni se kan ti-
Gold medalist - Rs.500/- hu thilpek
Silver medalist - Rs.300/- hu thilpek
Bronze medalist - Rs.200/- hu thilpek
6) Kan member zirnaa hlawhtling HSLC leh a chunglam an awm chuan lawmpuina pek chhunzawm zel ni se kan ti.

2.1.2 - CHHIATNI:
1) SAY member Ropuinaa kaisang an awmin Rs. 1000/- a ral ni se kan ti a, an kuangah pangpar dah loin, hei hi Salvation Army O&R for Soldiers zulzuia tih a ni.
2) SAY member nu emaw, pa emaw Ropuinaa kaisang an awm chuan Rs.500/- a ral ni se kan ti.
3) Damdawiin a SAY damlo an awm chuan Rs. 500/- a kan ni se.
4) SAY member damlo hmun hla-phai Hospital a refer an awm chuan Rs.1000/- pek ni bawk se kan ti.
5) Retired emaw Active Officer damlo Civil Hospital a an awm chuan a tul anga Emergency Council nei in kan thin ni se kan ti bawk.

2.2 - Agenda II:
Sum tuakna chungchang:
Sum tuakna tur ngun taka ngaihtuah a nih hnu in hetiang hian pawm a ni-
1) Blanket suk -a hun atan Ni 2 March,2012 ruat chhin a ni
2) Tv. Emmanuel Lalhmunsanga, Litt. i/c in MZU a inhlawhna lo ngaihven se kan ti.
3) Sound System atan appeal letter siam nise, SAY hminga Appeal letter siam Corps council ah dil ni se, A lakkhawm hun atan April ni 15,2012 ni se kan ti.
4) Chapchar kut ah stall siam dan ngaihtuah ni se, a lo ngaihvena, hma lo la turin Nl. Judy Lalfakzuali, i/c Drama chu ruat a ni.

2.3 - Agenda III:
Tul dangte:
1) SAY dawr rawng hnawih chungchang- SAY dawr rawng hnawih a ngaih thu sawichhuah a ni a, a rang thei ang bera hnawih ni se kan ti a, rawng hnawih bul tum tur in Pu C. Lalthlamuana, Council member chu ruat a ni.
2) Ni 1 April,2012 hian Sound system thar lawman ni pah fawm in Pathian fak leh chawimawi inkhawm neih ni se, Zaipawl hrang hrang – Territorial Songsters, IET, Thlarau Bo Zawngtute Zaipawl, The Leprosy Mission Choir, Central North Division Songsters te sawm ni se, Program chu Program Sub Committee kutah awm se.
3) Saiha a kangmei tuar te pualin ni 12.2.2012Thianghlimna inkhawmah bawm dawh ni se, hei hi Biak in inkhawm ah puan ni se, Social and Community i/c leh Evangelism i/c ten bul lo tum se kan ti.

Hemi zawh hian Lal tawngtaina sawi rualin Council kan tin.

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